I work in mixed media, bio textiles, sculpture and installation, creating my own processes and surfaces that often incorporate embroidery, animal matter and found objects. Drawing upon a deep interest in science, I create highly physical work, investigating our relationship to the natural world. When exploring the abject, I consider attraction and repulsion, the tensions of corporeal experience, and subsequent breakdown of boundaries and loss of control. I am interested in ideas or organisms that seem non-binary, existing somewhere between living/dead, organic/industrial, internal/external, as an expression of how we live in the industrial world. In my work I slow and narrow my focus, delving into research, exploring landscapes, ecosystems and textures, embroidering and gathering objects, often referencing slow natural processes like degradation, sedimentation and decomposition. In my highly physical, and intuitive processes, my hands are in direct dialogue with my materials creating textures, tensions, rhythms, sensations and physical reactions.   An experience with organic matter, a body or its viscera is like the sting of an insect – it is a genuinely raw and present moment with the body and the natural world.

Heather Komus